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Bayto​n Road Industrial Estate


Benefits of Ozone Hydro

Massage Therapy

Treatment of skin & hair conditions - With its strong anti-bacterial function, Ozone is used to help treat a wide range of skin & hair conditions such as seborrhea, alopecia, yeast infections & skin allergies including atopic dermatitis & parasitic dermatitis. It also helps alleviate itching & soothes symptoms of hot spots & eczema.

Whole body massage - The tiny yet powerful bubbles and their rhythmic impact deliver a massaging effect to stimulate & activate body tissues. This relieves tension & fatigue, relaxes & balances, massages & encourage the production of red blood cells. Internal organs are stimulated, blood & lymph circulation are facilitated & muscles are relaxed.

Deep cleansing - The Ozone spa bath gently loosens grease & dirt from your dog's skin. Powerful bubbles clean capillaries in the skin, bringing intense nourishment. This allows skin tissues to breathe better.

Upgrade your pets spa experience for just £10 with our standard shampoo & facial or add extra treatments as part of our 3 for 2 pick & mix! More treatments to choose from on our spa treatments upgrade page

Our jacuzzi bath with some happy & relaxed customers!!!